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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested to find out more about how personal training sessions with AMFIT work?

Check out some of the answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

  • Is personal training right for me?
    A personal trainer focuses 100% attention on helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. This is exceptionally helpful for these groups of individuals: (1) Complete beginners who have no idea how to begin strength training (2) Individuals with past injuries and fears from prior exercise experiences, a personal trainer will be able to help correct your exercise form, prevent mistakes from occurring and potentially the worsening of old injuries. (3) Experienced exercisers who have been working out for months or even years, but feel that they have not progressed much towards improving their health and fitness goals. Potentially exercising too much and chronically dieting has resulted in adapted metabolic systems, to a point where individuals would like to dial it back down to a more sustainable lifestyle and enjoy a normal life beyond extreme healthy habits. Prior to training, an indepth consultation is provided on a complimentary basis for your trainer to understand your past exercise history, medical conditions and health and fitness goals moving forward. During the training itself, as your trainer's full attention is on you (and yes, only you!) throughout the session, this allows all your queries to be answered immediately, alongside proper teaching of form and techniques to prevent injuries from worsening and to ensure optimal growth in muscular strength. Furthermore, AMFIT's holistic fitness coaching extends beyond the hour-long training session, being part of the package which allows you to gain 24/7 access to your coach for optimal health habits to form, beyond the gym!
  • What is the difference between 1 to 1 personal training and group fitness classes?
    As opposed to group fitness classes, where the progress and pace of the lesson depends on the profile of the entire group as a whole, personal training is much more catered to your needs, which allows for a more catalytic effect on achieving your health and fitness goals. At times, large fitness classes might be overwhelming especially for complete beginners. Larger class sizes often mean that the trainer's attention is likely stretched, with this negatively affecting the learning of newcomers who might need more guidance or are unable to keep up with the speed and pace of more experienced lifters. Furthermore, group fitness classes are usually energetic and high-impact, and for individuals who are unfamiliar with the lifting routines, this might be potentially dangerous as the strenuous activity might lead to serious injuries. The worst-case scenario would be to gain a chronic injury from lifting, due to inappropriate execution of exercise routines. Lastly, group fitness classes can be fun, motivating and seem highly exciting. The routines might always differ and the heart-thumping music, alongside high energy moves might speak to many who want to destress after a long day at work. This may seem perfect for individuals looking to get moving and just to include more actvity in their daily routines. However, in terms of holistic fitness progress and formation of lasting health habits beyond movement within the gym might be limited. An AMFIT trainer ensures that you are educated on the key principles of a healthy and active life beyond the fun and excitement of group fitness classes, allowing for you to learn a new set of skills to carry with you throughout your life. Invest in your health and fitness today!
  • What makes AMFIT different from other personal training services?
    Beyond fitness programming, AMFIT adopts a holistic approach. We believe that sleep, stress and other lifestyle habits (even recovery and rest days) are crucial. This is why programs do not just restrict access to your coach during the limited hour-long physical PT sessions. Think about this - even if you train thrice a week with us, for an hour each time, what you do in the other 153 hours of the week are so much more important. Beyond instructing you and going through the motions of an exercise routine, your trainer will be there for you throughout your entire journey. The lessons you takeaway goes beyond the hour-long sessions! We equip you with the skills you need, with knowledge delivered in comprehensive, bite-sized chunks that empowers you to regain control of your own health and fitness, beyond dependency on a trainer. One invaluable resource clients have complimented is our ability to provide nutrition guidance that tailors to individual dietary preferences and needs. Consider us your pocket health and fitness coach, a valuable resource you can turn to for all advice and help related to your life that affects your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. As a special launch promotion, AMFIT's programs currently bundles personal training services with nutrition, stress and sleep management coaching, keeping you accountable and consistent. Trust AMFIT to help you build healthy and sustainable habits, empowering you to lead a healthier and happier life.
  • Is AMFIT accredited by any professional fitness regulatory body?
    AMFIT is accredited by the Amercian Council of Exercise (ACE), specifically in Personal Training and Health Coaching. ACE offers certifications accreddited by the US National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), which is the widely-accepted gold standard for programs that certify professionals in many healthcare and fitness occupations. By offering NCCA-accredited certifications, continuing education, and access to science-based health and fitness information, ACE is investing in our mission to get people moving—so everybody has the resources they need to lead active, healthy lives. As the leading nonprofit exercise professional and health coach certification organization, the goal of ACE trainers are to set the highest industry standards, elevate the careers of professionals and help people worldwide make movement their mission and prescribe activity to prevent inactivity related diseases. To find out more, you may visit the official ACE website here:
  • How does AMFIT conduct holistic fitness coaching?
    AMFIT coaches you on topics that are related to your health and fitness performance. Education is central to AMFIT's programmes. Depending on individuals' needs and commitment levels, this may include specific guidelines on sleep, stress management and nutrition habits. Currently, AMFIT primarily conducts physical strength training sessions onsite in the Marina Bay area. Online coaching and virtual personal training sessions are also available, dependent on your needs. During these sessions, you are free to ask your trainer any questions you might have. Your trainer will also be able to provide 24/7 (dependent on the purchased plan) guidance and support throughout your fitness journey with AMFIT. Most clients find the nutrition component the most helpful, as AMFIT provides specific details on how much to consume, beyond the basics of calorie-counting. For instance, we will assess your goals, current needs and lifestyle habits, to then provide suggestions on the type of food (broken down into macronutrients recommendations), when and how to structure meals to prevent the feeling of deprivation, optimal hydration levels, rest and sleep optimization etc). This is just one way in which AMFIT methods work hand-in-hand with bespoke exercise programming to support your health and fitness goals; be it to lose fat, gain muscle, or feel like your strongest and fittest self.
  • Why is there a minimum commitment to 12 weeks of training?
    AMFIT adopts the 21/90 principle in the structuring of our programs. That is, it takes 21 days (3 weeks) to break or make a habit, and 90 days (12 weeks) to build a routine. Combining exercise science with principles of this behavioural change theory has proven effective with many of our clients. Hence, the minimum commitment period is in 12-week blocks. The market is saturated with trainers who are willing to sell one-off sessions for profit-maximising reasons. There is a market for everyone, so no judgement there. However, for AMFIT, we do believe that it is important to truly make lasting and lifelong improvments. The desire and action taken to change must come from within. With 90 days of commitment, you WILL see results and succeed in your goals, even beyond the fitness sphere. This will be beyond the numbers on the scale and potentially what you even thought you could accomplish, so make the leap! Sign on, take ownership of your life, and watch the magic happen as you smash through your targets!
  • Is every client's program really personalised and planned according to individual needs?
    Definitely! AMFIT focuses on a holistic approach towards health and fitness. An all-rounded health and fitness program does not only entail a well-planned exercise routine. Our personalised plans are crafted after much discussion and collaboration with our clients. This is so that we fully understand every individual's unique needs and circumstances. We take into account your existing level of fitness, past injuries and history, current lifestyle needs and habits. Furthermore, our coaches also work closely with you to encourage positive mindset shifts, nutrition and lifestyle habits. Our most successful clients typically stay with us for a minimum of 6 months - what you can accomplish depends on how commited you are to putting in precious time, effort and energy into consistently improving your health and fitness. Progression is planned in phases, and the intial pre-training assessment that every client goes through will inform our training map which will also be shared thoroughly at the beginning and end of each phase of training. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter programs that fail to deliver results!
  • How quickly can I see results?
    A lot of new clients do like to ask this question. In all honesty, quick results do not mean sustainable results. The last thing we would want is for clients to leave in the best shape of their life and return months later, stuck in a vicious cycle of an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle. Here at AMFIT, we strongly believe in helping clients achieve realistic, long-term and ultimately sustainable improvements to their health and fitness. Quick results (especially in terms of weight loss) usually mean a quick rebound as the habits that form the basis of preventing fat regain has not been put in place yet. Think of it as setting a strong foundation (which is what our most popular plan is titled after!). Time is needed for consistent effort to produce positive outcome in your health and fitness. Generally after the first 8 sessions, many report feeling stronger, healthier and more energetic. Some of the positive "side effects" include inches off their waist, hips and strength gains - most realise that fitness goes beyond the number on the scale!
  • Why can't I buy single sessions and pay as I go along?
    AMFIT believes in delivering sustained improvements in clients' health and fitness, beyond the duration of the client's training sessions. Clients have to be committed to a regular strength training routine, coupled with the formation of healthier habits supported by AMFIT's coaching. Results will generally take a few weeks to show, depending on an individual's goals, body type, weight, age and other factors. Single sessions are priced at $150, should you still decide to pursue this option. This is best suited for experienced lifters who would like an extra pair of eyes to check on their exercise form and for consultation on how to optimise their workouts and movement patterns. This is because single sessions do not allow for progression, which is a core principle driving AMFIT programmes. ​​​​​​​For more cost-efficient options, individuals could consider the "Health Booster" package consisting of 12 sessions. This allows for more flexibility rather than committing to a fixed number of sessions scheduled each week.If you are a beginner, frequent training sessions would deliver the best results and improvements in your health and fitness. Consistency is key in setting strong foundations for lifelong healthy habits! For more details about the plans available, kindly refer to the "Packages" page.
  • What if I am only keen on a one-off PT session or an off-site training session?
    A one-off PT session is priced at $150 (refer to the answers above for more detailed explanations of the pricing model.) An off-site training session is priced at $150, excluding travelling reimbursement. As AMFIT is based in the CBD area, off-site venues located in District 1 and 2 (Raffles Place, Cecil, Marina, Anson and Tanjong Pagar) will be serviced at no additional cost. Dependent on the equipment required and travelling time incurred, off-site training at other locations will incur extra fees. Kindly raise an enquiry for more details. Adhoc programmes and holistic fitness workshops are also available, such as the 8-week programme on 'Mastering the Four Basic Functional Movement Patterns', which we are currently working hard to develop. Stay tuned for more information by following our official Instagram page, for latest news updates!
  • What if I would like to engage AMFIT's services for group personal training?
    Rates for group personal training differ, depending on your goals and objectives. This also depends on the duration and frequency of the intended programme, existing equipment available and mode of lessons to be conducted. Kindly contact us for more information on the AMFIT programmes available. Customised programmes are also possible on demand. We would be able to advise you after learning more about your health and fitness goals.

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