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About Me

I was never the skinniest kid in the room. (Insert photo)

Key Points:

- Always an obese child, loved eating...

- Motivating factors (JC - Encouraging teachers)

- Turned to running to lose weight (no strength training)

- Started to love activity

- Picked up healthy eating habits, other workouts

- Muay thai etc. Picked up lifting,

- Challenges faced 

- Extreme exercising + dieting to keep weight off in uni

- Overexercising - running 5km, doing muay thai, lifting (hours working out. Weight plateaued. Tired etc.)

- Plus didn't feel like there was any progress - sought guidance by hiring a PT, which was a transformative experience.
- Kickstarted my own journey - in months, what I've learnt was worth every cent invested.

Recap: Key learning points (in blog post?)
1. Myth of being fat and unhealth is in my genes

2. It is impossible to be lean and eat tons (aim of getting women lean and strong while not excluding any food groups - sustainable weight + fitness!


Make fitness a part of your life by learning proper exercise techniques, nutrition tips and lifestyle hacks to keep an active routine while enjoying your favorite foods.


Losing fat and gaining strength doesn't mean throwing away the pleasures of life.

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"You either take control of your health or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

AMFit's Mission

AMFit was born out of an idea... that we can transform the world by encouraging more activity. 

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